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Silver Creek Labs ...

The place to get your English Lab Puppy!

Are you looking for a puppy with a great disposition and a fancy pedigree?

Email us today at [email protected]


         Featured Puppy of the week!!

                   $200 off & Free Micro-Chipping!!


                                Male, 12 weeks old

               From aan incredible line of Hunters!!

       Contact us to day to meet this young man!!                             [email protected]  


     Puppies available at this time!

           Male                       Female                          Male


                   Rosie x Luigie​

                      Rosie has a Beautiful litter!!

       They will be athletic like their and Love life!

                           1 male still available!

                Contact us today for more details!!

                [email protected]


                    Latte' x Max

            Latte' and Max had a great litter of puppies!  

       They will be Extremely athletic and very pretty!

                      She had 5 girls and 5 boys! 

         For more information, please contact us!


              Scrumtious x Luigie

                This is a beautiful litter of Puppies!!

     They have an incredible Hunting Background!!

        Their parents love people and want to please!!

            Contact us today for more information!!

                 [email protected] 


                            Kennel Reduction!!

           After 32 years of raising gorgous puppies,                     we have decided to slow down just a little!!                    We are offering several Quality dogs with                                             Full Registration!

     If you have any questions, please let me know!!

                                      Kara's Jewel                             

                             Jewel is 4 1/2 years old, 

       She has beautful puppies and is a great mom!

                                Barbie of Silver Creek

               Barbie is 3 1/2 years old and loves life!! 

                                  She is a great mom 

                                      Scarlet Lace

                              Scarlet is 6 years old.

   She has produced several Field Trail Champions &                                          Great hunters!!

                                         Miss Josie

                                 Josie is 6 years old.  

        She has produce numerous Hunting dogs & 

                         will do the same for you!

        She will be ready for her new home this fall!

      We will have more dogs available this summer!